SEO - how big is your universe?

The cheapest and best form of marketing is arguably doing a great job for your customers and them telling everyone they meet (in their universe) just how great your product or service is. In reality, this is a long-term strategy and will not give you the volume of sales most companies need to be sustainable. Your universe of prospective customers is much bigger than that.

These days everyone turns to one place to be given a referral... you’ve guessed it – our friend, Google.

Want to know the best book to read or film to see? Ask Google. Need a local company to supply office furniture or build you a website? Ask Google. The search engine has become the biggest ever referral system. And the real beauty of it all is that you can programme it to say exactly what you want. 

The correct content conveying the right message on your website can become your best salesperson,  24/7, 365 days per year.

But how can you ensure people land on your website and not that of your competitors? You need your website to be optimised for search. There will only ever be a finite number of people or companies you can actively target at any time. To find the unknown prospects, those searching for what your company can offer, you need your website to be indexed and rank for your specific keywords. 

Sound technical? It is. At least to do this well can not only be technical but also time consuming. There’s a lot to think about when it comes to SEO – see our recent article “There's more to optimising your website than just SEO”.

For this reason, pick an agency who specialise in search engine optimisation with a dedicated team to support you and who understand the principles of great web design and development. The results will far outweigh the costs as you see more traffic and importantly more conversions on your website.

Do get in touch for any help or advice. At Verto London, we simply exploit the very latest SEO techniques to maximise the full potential of your website and your chances of being found by prospective customers, whilst always putting your end user first.  We make websites work hard so that you can see measurable ROI. 

We offer a range of SEO packages which can be tailored to your requirements and budgets, so whether you have an existing site you wish to improve or whether you are looking to create a new site, we can help.