Meet our new sales recruit: the website

It's that time of year again. For many it’s a time for new budgets and making plans for the new financial year. It's also the time that you look at new targets and financial objectives for your business. We know that it is the target-driven companies that are the most successful, who measure success and monitor return on investment.

So, how well is your website performing? Have you set targets for your website this year? Are you consistently measuring the results your website achieves? If the answer to these is no, then an opportunity is being missed. A website in today's competitive landscape is so much more than just a shop window, even if your business is not transactional nor are you wanting to sell online, the website nonetheless plays a pivotal role as a key member of your sales team.

How many sales people do you know that do not work to targets? It would be unheard of - so why let your website get away without having any targets either?  If your website is reaping results that’s great and the website is obviously working to a degree … but is it working as hard as it should? That’s the real question to ask.

Your website may well be generating new leads but most companies have no comparison whether the number of leads is a fair amount for your type of business in your given sector. Verto London can help determine if your website is working hard enough for you. A digital marketing agency with a team of more than 50 designers, developers and SEO specialists, Verto London can audit your existing website to determine what improvements are needed so that you see a greater return on investment. Verto London audit your existing site, consider design, user navigation, search engine optimisation and conversion rates, as well as a whole host of other factors, to determine how your website can become your top performing sales person.

It’s never about throwing the baby out with the bath water and it is always about being smart and cost-effective as there are often tweaks and changes that can be made to see some quick wins from your improved website.

Your website works for you 24/7, 365 days per year and can portray your business however you choose – that’s a sales tool you really don’t want to waste! Call Verto London today for a free website audit on 0203 870 3514 or email [email protected].