73% of B2B buyers use social media in their buying process

Social media – you either love it or you hate it. Either way, its impact on business, both B2C and B2B now too, is undeniable.

73% of millennial workers are involved in the B2B purchasing decision making process and use social media to inform their decisions, with 62% of their time spent on smartphone apps, 25% on desktop, 8% on mobile web and 5% on tablets.

The power of digital cannot be underestimated.

But social media can be a minefield, can’t it? If you use it to promote your business, is it working for you? How do you measure this effectively? Are you using the right platforms, tone of voice, content …. the list goes on.

Using social media as an afterthought or giving ownership to someone inexperienced within the organisation is not only risky but potentially damaging. There is a real opportunity to grow your brand and awareness across platforms that your audiences actively use to inform their decisions.

Your market share is directly correlated to your brand strength and social media is proven to be a cost effective tool to grow company awareness and bring life to your brand and messages.

If you’re not yet on social media or not sure you are maximising the opportunities it offers, please contact us.